May format be defined as formation, frame, stance. A surface structured in length, breadth and depth, which may be selected, divided, deconstructed, reassembled, combined or colored. Eight is the number of musicians who do exactly that in this ensemble. This is all about a quest for sound color and contrast, edges, diagonals, connections, answers. And also for questions: what effect do the colors have? Do limitations make sense or should they be overridden? Does everything fit the frame? Does the frame fit in the first place? “Eight gents of format” is a musical snap shot displaying an exciting interaction of focus and blur as it was captured in motion. The reward is the discovery of unique sound structures; an individual voice within modern jazz. How long this journey will take is uncertain – and considerably irrelevant. The quest shapes the format in which the music occurs.

Frtom the actual Demo CD "Acht Herren von Format" ["Eight Gents of Format"] as complete mp3-streaming.

  1. Big Trouble
  2. Eins zu null unentschieden
  3. Interdependenz
  4. Red Noise
  5. Makin' Acquaintance (Live)
  6. Never See You Again
  7. Lassithi

All compositions are written by Jochen Welsch and Tobias Kaiser. Custom tailored suits with the needles still in the fabric. Influenced by the likes of Kenny Wheeler, Maria Schneider, Bob Brookmeyer, Jim McNeely and Wayne Shorter the members of “Format 8” explore the possibilities of sound and color within the formation.

A cast of modern Hard-Bop shields fragile sound structures. Both forge the strength of this eight-piece band. The composers strive for a balance between composed and improvised parts, leaving air within dense arrangements so the musicians can unfold freely.

Jochen Welsch | trb, arr
Tobias Kaiser | g, arr
Alexander Hartmann | trp, flgh
Johannes Müller | reeds
Andreas Pompe | reeds
Daniel Prandl | p
Dirk Kunz | b
Philipp Zdebel | dr, perc

Download Band Information (PDF, German/English, 500KB)

Jochen Welsch
+49 (0) 1 63-2 55 79 39